Upstream: Friends of Central Park

Upstream: Friends of Central Park was formed in 2005, when the Wellington City Council developed a park restoration plan with the local community to address concerns that the park was neglected and under-used.

Since then the Council has redeveloped the playground, cleared weed infestations in the stream, built new tracks and bridges, and opened up new areas of the park for walking.

The Friends have assisted with this maintenance and redevelopment through regular working bees. This has involved replanting and maintaining the stream area, rubbish clearance, the planting of trees and spring bulbs, and improving park entrance areas with amenity planting.

Let’s use Central Park!

The primary objective of Upstream: Friends of Central Park is to encourage people to visit and enjoy Central Park – even, perhaps, helping us with our projects! Our vision is:

  • restoring the Moturua Stream environment to good health and enhancing the park’s amenities to contribute to Central Park being a safe, accessible and attractive urban oasis for the people of Wellington.

What are we doing?

  • Restoring the Moturoa Stream environment;
  • planting and maintaining native vegetation to encourage natural regeneration and to attract native birds;
  • beautifying the park though amenity planting and improvement projects;
  • promoting greater awareness of Central Park’s attractions through special projects and events;
  • building community by welcoming people to our monthly working bees, where social interaction and shared morning teas are as important as pulling weeds!

Join us!

We hold a regular working bee each month (January through November):

10am-12.30pm on the last Sunday of the month (coffee & morning tea provided)

Anyone is welcome. See our meetup page for more details.

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